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Your adventure, your way

Take advantage of the ultimate Telluride adventure and indulge in all the outdoor activities you can imagine with our custom Telluride multi-sport tours. Tap into the full potential of Telluride as you mix assorted outdoor adventures into an unmatched experience to last a lifetime.

Picture yourself effortlessly gliding up to Alta Lakes on an e-bike, where paddleboards are waiting for you to embark on a relaxing excursion across the tranquil waters. If you’re the courageous type, take a quick alpine dip before donning your boots to hike around all three Alta Lakes to see each from a new perspective. Conclude your adventure with an exhilarating mountain bike descent through the enchanting Magic Meadows. 

Alternatively, you can also enjoy a Telluride e-biking adventure designed to help you access the inaccessible in a single day! Zoom effortlessly up the trail with a calm breeze in your face to hit the high country. Hop off at the summit for a hike along one of Telluride’s most scenic ridgelines and feel your jaw drop as you become fully immersed in the awe-inspiring landscapes.

Customization Options

Your Dream Brought to Life

Our custom Telluride multi-sport tours can be tailored entirely to your preferences, whether you desire a day of epic adventure, a week-long immersive expedition, or a journey of whatever duration in between. With an in-house guide at your service, you can rest assured that you’ll experience the best adventures Telluride has to offer.  

Interested in adding rafting or fishing to your adventure? We partner with several other Telluride outfitters allowing us to combine your goals and create a custom tour beyond your wildest dreams. 

Perfect for guys’ weekends, girls’ weekends, wedding parties, and family vacations, our custom Telluride multi-sport tours cater to diverse groups and special occasions. Escape with your partner and leave the kids in our capable hands for a fun-filled day of adventure. We can set up custom week long kids camps as well. Or opt for a kid-free adventure where adults can bond over quality time and thrilling experiences.

Please contact Stellar Tours directly to coordinate private multi-sport adventures.

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